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The Francophone Imprint: an exhibit on the history of Alberta's francophonie

Société historique francophone de l'Alberta
#140, 8627 rue Marie-Anne-Gaboury (91e), Edmonton, AB T6C 3N1
Phone : (587) 986-2342


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Grades 4 to 12

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Social studies

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A teacher’s guide with plenty of activities

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An activity for the community or for the school, in order to promote French culture from across the province and a useful tool for social studies classes.

L’empreinte francophone racontée is also a complementary tool to the exhibition. It is a CD of 15 sound tracks, each one dealing with a different subject from the Franco-Albertan history. It is an entertaining and dynamic tool to address the Francophone history of Alberta.


The exhibit includes 5 hockey bags of 75 pounds each, so the installation requires enough physical strength. To reduce costs, transportation of the material is best done by someone who can move it by car, ideally an SUV, van or truck.


$100/week + transportation fees


Discover the 15 panels on the history of the francophones in Alberta, in English, in French, or both, and starts when the first French colonists began an adventure that still continues more than four hundred years later. First, explorers opened the land westward. Pioneers soon followed in their footsteps, settling in Alberta where they farmed and founded many communities. Over the years, Franco-Albertans met their social needs by providing health care for themselves, securing education in French and promoting their culture through their own media. They fought for their rights and involved themselves in business and politics. To discover its multi-facetted history, follow the imprint that this extended Francophone family has left in Alberta.

A CD, L'empreinte francophone racontée, is also available and discusses the themes drawn from the 15 panels of the exhibition have been deepened through interviews and archives. More than twenty members of the community talk about their subjects of expertise, testify to lived facts and even perform in music and storytelling. Sound archives also highlight important moments in history.




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